A word from our Founder

C Staffing is undeniably at the forefront of innovation and commitment to its clients and applicants; this has been thanks to our excellent service and the core human values that we have always promoted.

When I founded C Staffing, in 2006, I had already felt the brands’ needs to confide in a partner that listens and specializes in their field of activity. I created C Staffing with the aim of getting brands, stores and employees to work together to improve the quality of service for the benefit of the end consumer.

In today’s world, with online shopping being so effortless and accessible, it is critical that we ensure we continue to provide our in-store customers with an exceptional service and a unique, personalized experience. This is achieved through careful selection and ongoing training of the best talent, whilst developing a culture of inclusiveness and sustainability.

Our unique and qualitative approach to staff placement for selective beauty is recognized internationally; this is how our clients have come to ask for our services in Asia, in Singapore since 2017, and in the United States since 2021. Join us, we are recruiting!

Céleste Houssin

Céleste Houssin